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Voice of Joy May 29, 2013

posted May 29, 2013, 1:42 PM by Spirit of Joy Christian Church

The Voice of Joy!

If you have a child in school, you know how much it feels like Summer is nearly here. Last month's jeans and sweatshirts are shoved under the bed, I mean, packed neatly away, and now it's t-shirts and shorts every day.

At church it means more talk about fishing, weekend getaways, and taking a break from the usual routines.

I want to encourage you to enjoy the season but not let go of your spiritual center. With the usual patterns changing, it's easy to let go of your usual times for prayer and study. I hope you will be intentional about worship, and about your commitment to the journey of faith, both inward and outward.

Inwardly, be sure to keep balanced while outwardly continuing to find ways to serve. Summer can be ironically a time of great, even explosive growth all around us, while inwardly we take a break and stagnate. Be intentional in serving God and neighbor, and it can be a time of renewal instead.

I'm excited to hear your stories shared this summer. See you Sunday, if not before!

I'm glad to be your pastor.

Blessings and Peace,
David Cobb

P.S. The Chalice Hymnals you ordered are here! Please remember to make out a check for $15 for each hymnal you ordered for your personal use or for the church, and you can pick yours up on Sunday.

Alice and Ron were able to bring back a collection from a church in Kansas who had gotten them from the church in Rochester when it closed, so we will have some in the sanctuary Sunday for one of our hymns. We'll dedicate them in a few weeks.

SOJ T-Shirts: Show Your Pride

This is the link to place your request for a t-shirt on line.  If you signed up at church on Sunday please do not sign up again.   Total for each shirt is $26.  Money need to be paid to  Laurie Deibert Sunday June 2nd.  Exact cash amount or check made out to Laurie is fine.  You do have another opportunity to order them on Sunday as well.
The order will be placed June 3rd. This will ensure the shirts arrive before the Pride Parade at the end of June.
If you have any questions please reach out to Laurie at

Brotherhood Brew joins us Sunday for Worship and Fellowship

Usually we take for granted the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and other products we use. We don't wonder who made them, where the materials came from, or if they were produced in ways that are sustainable, just, and fair.

In short, we usually take our coffee for granted.

Brotherhood, Inc., joins us Sunday to share their stories in worship and to share their Fair-Trade, locally-roasted and packaged, sustainable coffee afterward. As you know, Brotherhood is a new organization in downtown St. Paul that provides entrepreneurial business opportunities for young African American men who are finding a better track in life. 

Brotherhood Brew is that better track. 

They will offer tastings of some of their most popular roasts and blends, and have bags of ground and whole bean for sale. You've been enjoying their coffee now for a few months, as we've been serving it at all church functions. Here's a chance to talk with the guys who make it possible and take some home with you, too.
If you use Google Calendar on your mobile device or computer, you can add the SOJ calendar to your own by clicking on the icon above. If you have an event to add or change, let David know.
Tonight is our last Wednesday for the school year. Come on out for soup and salad, great company and conversation!
6:00 dinner
7:00 study
7:00 youth groups
How to Think Theologically

Summer Worship Story Share

Starting this summer each week in worship, we'll hear a story about Jesus and his disciples, and we'll also hear someone share about a moment in their spiritual journey. 

This week's story is from the young men at Brotherhood, Inc.

If you have a particular Sunday you'd like to share a moment in yours, let David know

This week's Bible story is about a Roman Centurion who wants Jesus to heal his much-loved servant but doesn't feel worthy to have Jesus come into his home. You can read it in Luke 7.1-10.
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