Spiritual Life Groups
Those considering Membership are welcome to a Saturday morning gathering to explore the special commitment God is calling us to make with one another for the coming year. 

We share our own spiritual journeys and discuss our individual gifts, how to discern a sense of call, decision-making by consensus, and ways we each live into the high calling of a covenanted community. Specifically we discuss our commitments of
  • Time in worship
  • Energy in ministry
  • Attention in study and prayer
  • Money in support
Not all who attend and participate in the life of the congregation sense a calling to become a Covenant Member for the year. Community Members are those who participate fully in the life of the church but do not make an annual commitment.

There is no distinction of privilege or position that comes with Covenant Membership, but there is a willingness to say, in effect, "My journey and the community's journey will be on the same path this year, and I will use the gift I am to build up the church." 

The next Covenant Membership Spiritual Life Group will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

rainbow labyrinthOur Covenant
By God’s grace given in and through Jesus Christ, whom I have confessed as Savior and Lord of my life, I joyfully commit myself to being a member of the Spirit of Joy T.E.A.M.

This means for this year I am willing to give my Time in attendance, my Energy in ministry, my Attention in prayer and study, and my Money in support, all to the building up of this community of faith and its witness to Jesus Christ in the world.

In making this covenant I am consciously pledging to love and serve the Lord, and to trust the Holy Spirit to lead me in all things to witness to my faith through word and deed.

If there should be times when I feel like I am being stretched in uncomfortable ways, I will trust the Spirit to use them to nudge me toward deeper spiritual maturity.

May God bless all of us who share life and ministry together here at Spirit of Joy, that together we may be a blessing to others. Amen.