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Sacred Earth

green church lightbulbOur vision:
Encouraging reconnection with the sacred earth as the biochemical environment from which we emerge and grow as sacred biological beings of spiritual endowment.

The work statement:
Engage in study, discussion and activities which promote living asd responsible stewards of the earth toward sustaining it and us within the limits of earth's carrying capacity.

Contact: Monica Ruth and Robert Hatch
Alverna Covenant
  • God has created the world with finite resources;
  • God has given to us the stewardship of the earth;
  • God has established order through many natural cycles;

And it is evident that:
  • We are consuming resources at a rate that cannot be maintained;
  • We are interrupting many natural cycles;
  • We are irresponsibly modifying the environment through consumption and pollution;
  • We are populating the earth at a rate that cannot be maintained;

As a member of the human family and a follower of Jesus Christ, I hereby covenant that:
  • I will change my lifestyle to reduce my contribution to pollution;
  • I will support recycling efforts
  • I will search for sustainable lifestyles;
  • I will work for public policies which lead to a just and sustainable society;
  • I will share these concerns with others and urge them to make this covenant.